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  • Red Line Motor Oil

    Ok I've used their stuff in several cars I have raced but never in a bike. I know they don't offer an oil specific for bikes (they do offer 2 stroke oil), but I was wondering if anyone else is using it. is offering it on their site for bikes. The big thing is oil for 4 stroke street bikes is supposed to have special additives in it to keep the clutch from wearing out early and slipping. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    Id recommend going with your regular suggegsted motor oil..
    I use GN4...think thats what its called, made by Honda.

    There has been an extreme amt of debate of the oil issue, I believe cyberpoet originally posted it on KP.

    The oil is circulated into the clutch as you said, so Id stick with what Im using, dont want to hurt a good thing going.

    Just my opinion...and you know what they say about them


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      I put Redline in My Kat about 1000 miles ago...have had no problems at all with it...I looked all over for a synthetic that was compatible with a wet clutch....Red line was the only one I found that had it written on the back of the bottle that it was ok to use with Motorcycles with wet clutches.



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        OK then Turbo, so it does say it on the bottle. I need a high end synthetic Gsxxx600 because I built this nasty 771. I'm going to do the break in with what Suzuki recommends as a break in oil but I'm switching to Red Line after that.


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          DO NOT USE SUZUKI OIL. That stuff is crap. I bought some and it smelled like I just took it out of the bike and put it in a bottle. It really did smell like used oil. So I went back with Honda GN4 oil. It works great.


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            You may want to check out your local Advance Auto Parts store if you have one in your area...That is where i got it...And i think it was right around $8 a quart.


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              Well actually I used Yamalube. I've been using it for years and it works great. I just need a better oil than that thought because this booger is gonna run hot.


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                Im not familiar with Redline oil, my main concern was at what point will heat begin to factor in and break it down...but obviously its made for those type of extremes (at least I know now)

                Ill switch to synthetic next season, or perhaps redline, let me know how u feel about it!


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                  Originally posted by Gsxxx600
                  Ill switch to synthetic next season, or perhaps redline, let me know how u feel about it!
                  Look for JASO-MA compatibility for your Katana. It's not a requirement, but it just makes good sense, given the standard was developed in response to problems with various oil qualities in air-oil cooled motorcycles like ours.

                  Anyway, if it's on their oil, I give a big thumbs-up to RedLine. If it isn't, I'd skip it. That simple

                  =-= The CyberPoet
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                    Motul Full Synthetic - the best oil I have ever used. Have to take out a freakin' second mortgage every time I change, though.