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Plugging a Z6 METZELER

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  • Plugging a Z6 METZELER

    Hey guys I just bought some new Z6's in april and now the rear is going has a small pin hole size hole in the tread. I was told that it could be plugged? Now I have never plugged a tire and I was wondering would this be safe and would it last? Or am I stuck buying a brand new tire???

    What do you guys think?

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    My personal opinion is to just replace the tire.
    I would rather replace a tire than the plastic on my bike.

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      It's a judgement call.

      For a $110 shippped you can get a new tire delivered from ronayers, then get it mounted locally.

      Take that into consideration, if they patch it they then need to remount and rebalance the tire. Might be not much more to get a new one.


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        I had my rear tire professionally plugged when it got a flat recently. No problems so far, but I just commute on my Kat--no canyon carving, high speeds, etc. I'm a grandma on two wheels

        From what I could find online, most riders recommended NOT plugging. But, frankly, I'm comfortable with my decision. Most manufacturers are o.k. with plugging their tires where permitted by law.

        Here's what I believe is a balanced view on the topic:

        Click here

        As another member here pointed out, a critical part of the equation is whether YOU will feel comfortable on a patched tire. If it disrupts your concentration, diminishes your enjoyment of a ride, or keeps you awake at night, replace the tire.