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New problem w/ the clutch

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  • New problem w/ the clutch

    I got the tension the way I want it. I can pull the clutch handle and start the bike. the only problem is that the handle is pulled all the way back and the clutch must not be all the way disengadge because the back tire is spinning. I can't get the gear to go into neutral either.

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    The wheel spins? on the center stand right?

    This could just be the fluid coupling.
    Remember that the clutch is bathed in oil.
    The oil can create a fluid coupling that is sufficiant
    to spin the tire. Neutral finding; that could be unrelated.
    The pull should be pretty linier.
    In fact the tension should be highest at the start and you should get some "cam over" that allows you to get more leverage closer to the bar.
    So to fully dis-engaging the clutch should take no more force then partially. If you have minimun play in the cable and have all standard levers etc.
    the clutch should be fully dis-engaged.
    There is an adjustment to the throw out rod so you could check that.
    The adjustment is behind the clutch cover.
    (the vented one the cable attaches to.


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      Ya the bike is on the stand,the clutch works well enough to start the bike and regaurdless what gear it is in there should be no power going to the wheel. right
      and i never messed with the clutch at all, just the crankcase cover, so i can't understand how the trans. isn't functioning properly.


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        got it figured out. thanks for the help