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Clutch cable...Need sum help!

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  • Clutch cable...Need sum help!

    I took the crankcase cover off my bike (96 750) when I was doing the sprocket change. I got it back on fine, but now I am having trouble adjusting the clutch lever to the right tension. I can get it to where I want it and then I tighten the case and it makes it too hard to pull the lever. I have the washer around the pin where it needs to be so I don't see whats causin the problem. I have also been playing around with the cable at the top of the case and at the lever, it makes a diffrence but its still not right.

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    The side case has the "clutch release screw" in it, which slips over the end of the clutch release pushrod. Look here...for part #22.

    Anyways, it shouldn't have come out of adjustment, but there is a screw adjustment under a plastic cover in that side cover. If it is too tight, then you might start with lubricating that thread assembly and making sure it is not contacting then pushrod when you assemble it.
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      what do you guys use to lube the cables?