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  • POR-15

    Question about the por-15 treatment:

    I just ordered this kit to take care of some rust in my tank that I did not notice origanally when I began restoring my bike. No big deal I expected some issues with the bike as it is 16 years old. But while reading some of the post about this treatment and how to do it correctly I did not really get a good idea on what is the best way to seal up the holes on the tank while doing the acid treatments and such? Any suggestions are welcome.
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    Good thing I don't live in AZ anymore LOL

    I haven't used it personally but there are a few thread's about it
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      Put some plastic or something over the holes and tape it in place ? I Redkoted mine a couple years ago , no acid . I guess what you could plug the holes with would depend on how caustic the acid is . My first impulse was actually masking tape , which is what I did with mine for the Redkote , but maybe not so good for acid , eh ?
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        Yeah the acid is my concern. I am sure tape will be fine for the other part of the process.

        I was also thinking tape but not sure if there was some tape that would be resistant to the acid in the metal ready treatment phase of the process. Or possibly a saran wrap type deal, but no bueno if the acid eats through it Anyone else have recomendations on what type of material I should use to plug the holes up with?

        P.S. we were up to 111' today in PHX. It was also abnormally humid. Yikes!!! Man I gotta get somewhere cooler this summer I think.
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          I've used it on my gf's ninja. It is a phosphate based acid, meaning it won't normally harm plastics and rubber. For big openings like the petcock, remove the petcock and cover it with a couple layers of garbage bag, then screw it back in. For small openings (like vent tubes), get rubber vacuum nipple covers from the auto parts store.

          The real issue is making sure you don't block any of the vents or smaller tubes when you use their coating -- follow the printed directions in the box closely.

          KNOW THIS:
          If the rust is heavy, you may need to use the acid product far longer than the time listed on the package. Shake and rotate every 4 hours at least.

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