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New guy with ?'s HELP!!

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  • New guy with ?'s HELP!!

    Well I have a 1991 750 kat. and I'm happy with it. The only thing is that i cant ride it. I had to take the cylinder head off to get the #1 spark plug hilicoil re-sleeved. it was totaly gone. Once I did that and got everything back together It would not start due to all the crud in the carbs and what not. So I took it in to have this guy clean them out and get it running. To make a long story short, he got it running.

    Now on the way home the bike shot off on me. I told the guy what was going on and he started adjusting the valves and found that they did need adjusting. After adjusting them three times over the actual specs to get it to stay running the bike starts just fine with no problems but it seems like when it gets to operating tempeture the engine will shot off and not re-start. You can leave the bike on forever at idle but once you start giving it throttle and bringing it back to idle it will cut off once it has reached operating temp.

    And another thing, when i do give it throttle input and let it go it stays reved up as if the choke was on and it takes some tweaking with the idle screw to bring it back to normal.

    PLEASE I'M BEGGING for someone to help me out. The summers are short here in Alaska and I dont have but maybe a month or two left of good riding weather.[/b]

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    It's sounds as if it's running lean with the warm-up and hanging idle symptom


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      OK but what do you mean by hanging idle symptom


      • #4,CV...m_engines.html


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          Alright Im sorry. I can say that I'm pretty good at taking things apart and putting them back together but when it comes to understanding how they work takes some extra effort. I mean I might know the basics of how they work but some of the wording will throw me off. But if I'm hearing you correctly and from the information you gave me, your saying the problem is a fuel problem? And another question where in the heck is the fuel filter? I've wondered about that!!


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            The only fuel filter Kats have stock is a crappy screen inside the tank . You can add inline filters easily and cheaply .
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              if it gets hott and wont start you might need a new starter, yours might have heat stroke where it wont start for about a half hour to hour and ahalf till it cools down and then ill start again, try getting a new starter it might be your prob


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                But if the starter is bad then why dose the engine cut-off when it reaches operating temp. They seem like two totally different problems unless it's an electrical problem or is it a fuel problem?


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                  Alright, I just talked to the mechanic that got it running for me and he said it sounds like he has to open up the valves more than what they are at. He said the reason its shuttin off is that when the engine gets to its operating temperature and everything expands it causes the valves to stay open and not maintain compression. Does this sound right?