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  • differences?

    I was wondering what was the difference between a gsx600f and a gsxr600?

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    Main differences
    water cooled gsxr
    oil/air cooled gsxf
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      One is a cutting edge race replica supersport, and the other is an old tech, very simple, budget sport tourer.


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        Re: differences?

        Originally posted by nleap
        I was wondering what was the difference between a gsx600f and a gsxr600?
        Alot .
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          day and night
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            about $4000



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              the number of chicks that notice you
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                Comfortable riding distance.

                I can haul bootie for an hour or 90 minutes on a GSXR... and walk sore the rest of the day... or I can haul bootie all day on a GSXF -- but it won't be as fast, as nimble nor as cutting-edge. But if I'm content with 110 - 130mph as my cruising speed, the GSXF will work just fine

                Other things:
                Headlights (dual on the 98+ GSXF)
                Compression (much higher on the GSXR)
                Engine type (water cooled, bleeding-edge tech on the GSXR)
                Bragging rights -- few brag about the GSXF to GSXR owners. GSXR owners brag all the time...

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                  The number of speeding tickets you'll get too.

                  seriously though they are 2 totally different bikes for different riding styles, so its all in what you want out of your riding experince.. but remember the GSXF is the reason the GSXR is around today


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                    Thanks guys.. what I want to do is kinda change the front end of the bike... I guess I should make my question more specific... I was wondering more along the lines of fitment of body panels. how do they match up to different years... and models?


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                      Can I get some facts on the differences of the enginge and a few other spec differences of the two bikes in this thread. I am looking to replace some of the stock parts of my kat with some carbon and chrome, but all I see in most catalogs is covers (such as the engine case and rear fenders and chain guards) are the interchangable?


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                        nothing is really bolt-on compatible between the gsxrs and the gsxf, all the plastics are different, the rear sets are different, engine covers are different, chain guard is different as well....

                        Although with some creativeness, tools, and time, I'm sure you can make some of the plastics work.

                        If you go to the factory pro website, they make a set of chrome engine covers for the gsxf, if you keep searching on ebay there are chain guards and rear fenders popping up on there from time to time as well.

                        I think a member here makes custom chrome chain guards, fordfurious, shoot him a pm, he may be able to help you out there.
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