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New problem,old katana

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  • New problem,old katana

    earlier I had trouble getting the bike to idle and not die, well I got it to idle,the thing is now, that the only way i can get it to idle is to turn the idle adjustment all the way down and the choke on, when it initially starts it jumps to about 4000 rpm then drops to about 1200,when I let off the choke it dies, but if I let it off about 1/4 of an inch it jumps to 4000 rpm then stabilizes at around 1000,when I crack the throttle about an 1/8th of an inch it dies, but if I roll it halfway and keep it there it'll stay running at a higher rpm untill I let it off, and if I turn the choke all the way and the throttle closed, and I adjust the idle adjustment in it dies, any body have any advice, I was thinking maybe if it was a float adjustment problem, I tried adjusting myself but it's my first time, so I might of messed up, any tips would be great, thanks.

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    You may need to clean and resync your carbs. It sounds like you are getting to much fuel and not enough air in the mixture. The is a how to in a thread somewhere on here. TRINC was the one that posted it up. So do a search and read that. That should give you some more insight on your problem. But as I stated before I would start with that. Then go from there.