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Problem with my new short stalks. (Solved)

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  • Problem with my new short stalks. (Solved)

    I recently installed some short stalk carbon look rear signals. They look really great. After 2 weeks i notice my right directional indicator flashing rapidly as if I had a bulb out. The difference was that it did it sporadically. I checked the front bulb, it was fine. Checked the new rear and it also seemed fine. (Filament not broken.) inspected rear bulb socket and found wire soldered to brass washer was hanging by one strand. Bought a soldering iron (needed one anyway), re-soldered it and all is O.K. Glad it was a quick fix. Plus it finally made me get a soldering iron!!

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    Lucky you!!
    I put short stalk LP carbon looks on my bike and
    one of the bulb failed with in a week..
    The bulbs cost nearly what the indicators did..


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      yup same here so i orderd some led bulbs i found on the net ill see how they work. also on my friends bike he just bought that had some on it they also had a bad bulb. damn 12v 23w bulbs!!