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non katana engine advice needed

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  • non katana engine advice needed

    so i am working on my friends 96 kawasaki ninja zx7 to save him a few dollars since when it came to me it was having fuel issues. for one a stuck float which i fixed. but after i fould it had a bigger problem. its got a crack in the head or in the block. since when i looked at his oil gauge is was more than full. and when we started in the breather valve shot oil everywhere. and when draining the oil i found coolant in the oil. now the question is do i tell him to A: scrap the bike. b: put a new engine in if we can find one C: bring to a mechanic have them rebuild the head.

    i can install the engine for him since its not that hard to do. but i myself dont trust myself to do the engine work myself plus from what i have found rebuilding engines is not really worth it.

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    Couldn't it just be a bad head gasket? Still would be a bit of work but probably cost-effective. I'd ask people over at There's a couple of people over there that should be able to help. If not comfortable doing that, then it probably is worth putting a new engine in unless the rest of the bike is in poor condition.
    1994 Kawasaki ZX6E


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      i would normally think that too but he had mostly water in his coolant to begin with which he told me and he stored it outside for the winter.....


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        It could still be just a head gasket, but i wouldn't scrap the bike. I'm not up on the ninja's too much but surely it couldn't be that hard to just find a replacement engine. It would be much cheaper i'm sure than any mechanic i know. But I would definately check out the head gasket first.


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          chris, think if he stored it out side, coolet is a water based liquid. there for it will freez thaw prode moisture, then that will trun in to water, and now think of how crappy of a winter we had, warm cold, warm, cold so yea you get the idea, do the head gasket its not that hard and see if it ill help eliminate things as well


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            I'm with the others...... pull the head first, and that'll give you a good idea of where to go from there. Do watercooled bikes not have freeze plugs like cars do? I wouldn't chance trying to have it welded. The bike's old enough that used engines are likely not that expensive. And, once again, this could be an excuse for an upgrade..... will the zx9r engine swap in?
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