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Winterizing your bike

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  • Winterizing your bike

    SInce winter is almost here and its time for (some) of us to winterize our bike. So with all these experienced people out there, what would one have to do?
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    Move to California, Texas, Or Florida. Trust me Minnesota is not far south enough.

    There, now you have wintereized your bike!

    Or if you don't want to move, you can check out Cyber's

    "How to store or winterize your motorcycle for a extended period of time."

    Hey, I think I beat Cyber to it..... 8)
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      Nick and I place on centre stand, or stands, fill tank, put in stabilizer, plug holes (exhaust etc), remove battery, cover. And let simmer until sauce thickens.
      I think thats it. You can get way more into detail, but that all we do.
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        a little tip....DO NOT CHANGE the oil filter....drain the oil...OVERFILL (about 5 liters) with the cheapest, crapiest oil available. NEVER RUN ENGINE with this junk.

        In the spring...drain oil...put in good oil and new filter.

        The old oil has sulphurs and other contaminants such as moisture that are detrimental to the filling up the cranckcase, you are eliminating the surface area exposed to moisture.

        Good tip about the exhaust outlet...stuff a rag in it...also stuff a rag in the airbox (critters might make a nest!)