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need help. 95 katana 600 won't start

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  • need help. 95 katana 600 won't start

    I just bought a used katana that's been sitting for about 2 years. I just redid the carburetors(clean and check specs), but I can't get the darn thing to start. It turns over, has spark in all 4 cylinders. I was thinking maybe it's not getting any fuel. I checked the petcock manually and it appears to be working okay. I'm frustrated to the point I can't think straight about it. So I'm hoping someone can give me a few tips, what to check, where to check. It would be helpful too if someone had a vacuum and fuel diagram. Oh, Im also new to this site, but I have found it very useful, so that's why I'm hoping someone can help, so I can stop working on it and start ridiing it. Thanks.

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    You could try checking the choke down on the carbs to make sure it's sliding correctly. When I first got my bike the choke cable had snapped on the inside of the cable and the choke was not "engaging" which was keeping the bike form being able to start.
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      I just recently picked up a '94 600 that sat for a couple of years. The petcock was stuck and was not letting any fuel into the carbs. Took me a little while to hunt it down, but was able to get it to work.


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        well i know the choke works fine, that was one of the first things i checked, and the petcock, it seems like there isn't any vacuum going to the petcock, cause when i manually applied vacuum to the petcock it works fine. I don't know if I got the hoses mixed up that's why I wanted to see if anybody knew the routing of all the hoses and such, i bought a manual but there's really not much in there to help me.


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          hey nighthawk how did you do that conversion that looks really good, was it hard. I want to do something like that once i get it running.