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    just wondering what size tire i should be running on the front of a 98+ Kat 750. The one i had on it was a 120/60/17 and i replaced it with a 130/70/17. I tried to find a 120/60/17 but i could not find any in the city that i live in.

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    A 120/70/17 might have been a better choice if it were available (this is a very common size). The profile difference would not have made that much difference, especially if you compensated by setting your front ride height to compensate. You might notice your steering is a little less sharp with the larger width front tire you mounted.
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      Stock size on the 98+ Kat 600 and 750 models is 120/70ZR17 on the front an 150/70ZR17 on the rear. Factory tires are Michelin Macadam 90x on the 600's and Dunlop's on the 750's. Much better tires are available for the Kats, including these popular choices:

      Best Commuting/Touring/Long-Haul/All Weather:
      Metzeler Roadtec Z6 120/70ZR17 and 150/70ZR17
      Pirelli Diablo Stradas 120/70ZR17 and 150/70ZR17

      High-grip, lower life, good for railing:
      Pirelli Diablos 120/70ZR17 and 160/70ZR17 (not available in a 150/70ZR17)

      Still better than stock, does well in colder climates:
      Bridgestone Battleax
      Avon AV45 (front) 120/70ZR17 & AV46 (rear) 150/70ZR17 or optionally [98+ only] 160/60ZR17 - 170/60ZR17

      Worse than stock:
      Chen Shin, and the various brands they are sold as, including: Baracuda, JC Whitney house brand, etc. Tip off: under $50- $60 a tire normally.

      There are other choices out there as well. These are the ones I am intimately familiar with (except the Diablo Stradas, but they are based on the Z6's which I am intimately familiar with)...

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