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problem after oil change

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  • problem after oil change

    when i changed my oil i had to remove the headers and oil lines that run to the rad to get to the oil filter. i put the new filter on put the oil lines to the rad back on and then the headers but when i went to start the bike oil started to pour out from one of the oil lines. i shut off the engine and the oil stoped i tried it again and still the same thing. i checked to oil filter and it is on tight and the oil lines and on tight so i am out of ideas, is it possible that there is air in the rad and that is why the oil is leaking out when i start the engine?

    how tight should the oil filter be on (snug or tight)?

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    I've never taken the front oil lines to the cooler off, but the rear ones have little O-rings. Maybe you lost one?


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      the oil filter should be pretty tight, but not to where you have to work hard at it to get it off next time.... and as for the oil lines, i would be its what woobie said... you lost an o ring, and its leaking out of there


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        Make sure you cleaned up the hoses when you put them back on for the Oil Cooler, and you fixed them down properly, without pinching the line.

        Regarding the oil filter, pull it off, and verify the large O-Ring is not damaged or pitched. Lube the big O-ring on the filter with some engine oil Liberally before reinstalling the Oil filter, and screw it down Hand tight - then a wee bit more. Do not Over Torque, or you can pinch the gasket.

        Again, just look everything over before you start, and make sure its good and clean. Use some Brake & Parts Cleaner (it eveporates nice and fast) to clean off all the Oil that spilt out everywhere. Degreaser works good too - but takes time to dry. This is probably best if you are working on a Warm or soon to be warm engine. Dont forget to rinse with water.

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          The lower oil line connectors (at least on the 98+ models) have two copper crush washers (one on each side of the hose connector) that you may have forgotten... At the top, there is an O-ring in each connector, and again, you may have lost or damaged the O-ring.

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          I have never seen a Kat where you had to remove the oil cooler to change the oil filter. Except for a couple brands of aftermarket headers, even the headers do not need to be removed -- you simply come through the opening between the #2 and #3 header pipes with a 3/8" drive and 6" extension with an end-cap wrench for the oil filter.

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            Originally posted by Grimmy
            . Degreaser works good too - but takes time to dry. This is probably best if you are working on a Warm or soon to be warm engine. Dont forget to rinse with water.

            When you do sure NOT to get this in the motor will break down the oil! Be sure to do that with all lines/filter/parts attached, then spray on/rinse off.

            As for your dillema , I imagine an o-ring fell off one of the oil-drain tubes and is causing that leak. If that doesn't solve it.....check to make sure the oil filter isn't 'double-gasketed'...meaning two gaskets instead of one at the filter/oilpan mating area. Alot of times, gaskets will stick from the old filter. Thats why its a nice idea to rub some clean oil around the new filters gasket to make sure that it will come off with the filter the next oil change.
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