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best advice for a stripped caliper mount

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  • best advice for a stripped caliper mount

    I was putting my wheel on, I stripped the caliper mount (the lower one, not the one with the reflector).

    What can I do to fix this?


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    As long as you don't stab me in the heart, here's what I would do...
    Try retapping with the same size metric tap and try another one of the bolts to see if it'll hold.
    If that doesn't work there are helical coils to replace the threads but I've never used one.
    Last resort I would do is to tap the hole one size up. If you go to an imperial size you may not have to drill out the old hole first to accomodate the larger tap. Of course a new bolt of the same size is required and should be easily available since it's a regular hex head.

    Do you think you over torqued the old one or was it corroded?
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      Maybe Keith has one laying around... or maybe Lopeha has one, he's parting out a bike.
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        yea, the bolt was corroded, it was at the point I couldnt back it out, so I just tightened it more.

        now its flush inside, but its gonna be tough to get back out...but ill take ur advice and try it out


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          I kinda like Beek's Heli-coil idea...........but I don't have much experience with them. I gotta try that, though..............
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            Helicoils are great. The kits are usually not too expensive.


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              heli-coils are great for the most part, but I would go one size bigger and re-tap if it was me. There is quite a bit of pressure on a caliper when you come onto the brakes.
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                I'm actually a fan of KeenSerts and ThreadSerts (which replace the entire receiver socket instead of just the high point of the threads) instead of Helicoils, but in this situation, I would drill/retap or replace and not use any sort of thread replacement system that doesn't involve the original metals...

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                  Keyed inserts such as Keenserts are great. One issue with them is that if they are large in diamter than a helical insert (Heli-coil). If there is not enought material in the area using a keed insert may not be the best idea. In the case of aluminum a threaded insert (keyed or helical) will result in a stronger fastened joint.