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Bar end question, removal, part 2

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  • Bar end question, removal, part 2

    Ok, finally got around to trying to take the bar ends off my 88 Kat yesterday, and there is no screw in the hole at all. I thought it might be an allen screw, but nothing. The allen wrench I had was at least 6 inches long, and it slid all the way into the hole.

    So, knowing this, can anybody suggest how to remove the old bar ends now? There is obviously no screw in the center. Any chance they would be screwed into the ends of the handlebar directly?

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    Not on a stock Kat. Sounds like someone used adhesive, or you have a situation with a dielectric weld (i.e. - a type of corrosion that welds itself together). Give the bar-end weight a good sturdy tap from above with a rubber mallot and see if it gives. If not, expect that someone epoxied it on there.

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