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Header modification, balance pipes

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  • Header modification, balance pipes

    I have a full yosh exhaust. I have seen some headers with balance tubes between the header pipes. I am assuming this is because the cyls. fire in pairs and that way when one set fires, if there is too much pressure it bleeds into the two unused pipes/help with scavenging, am i close to the mark? can this be employed on my katana? i have a welder so it could be a cheap easy mod for me to do. tuning the size, where exacly to position them for the scavenging, and whether the theory would translate into any real gains are my only concers (hmm, i suppose i have quite a quite a few huh ...) what do you guys think


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    What year of Katana? I know the 98+ have a balance tube between #3 and #4 already on the stock header.