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valve troubles?

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  • valve troubles?

    I think my valves are starting to go, but am not sure. Does anyone out there know what it sounds like when the valves start to go, and how much money am i looking at spending to have it fixed if i just take the head into a shop.

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    how my kms do you have on it? and have you been doing the valve check/adjustments when required?


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      18,000 km i bought it used in september so i really know nothing about the bike or its past.


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        Ahh, at 18,000kms your due (overdue really) to have your valves clearances checked and if needed adjusted.

        Locally that runs about $400 or so. I'm sure your dealers are about the same. Call and ask though since I may be wrong.

        Now if your mechanically inclined, get a service manual, torque wrench a few other tools and the feeler guages and you can do it yourself in about a day or less.

        The job is costly bacause of the labour involved to actually get to the valves. You need to remove the left and right fairings, Stator cover,Gas tank, air box, tank cross member support, unhook the throttle and choke lines,spark plugs and lines, oil lines then remove the valve cover.

        Then you can do your valves. Then of course you have to put it all back together . You can actually strip the bike down in less than an hour

        Here's Trinc's write up, with pictures!!


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          If you have the screw type, it doesn't take long at all. Its just a matter of removing everything.

          Now if it is the shim type... then I have no idea.
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