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Bike stalls when stopping--- updatteed

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  • Bike stalls when stopping--- updatteed

    95 Katan 600 20K miles

    When I ride like a mile or so and come to a stop light, pull in the clutch to stop then the engine dies. Sometimes it starts right back up and sometime it takes some cranking before it starts. I can smell the gas fumes when trying to start it back up.

    ok when I come to a stop the bike idles at 1500 just fine for about 30-40 sec's then the idle starts to slowly drop until it dies.

    Any help on the stall problem?

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    It might do that if you were leaving the choke on, but I think you would have caught that error by now.

    What happens when you ride for 10 or 20 miles?


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      More information. Is it a stock setup? It sounds kinda rich maybe. Have you done anything to the bike?


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        Tested today and the same thing happens on long rides


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          Not sure if its stock or not, I bought the bike used just a few weeks ago and just now started getting on it. The pipes are stock as well as the air intake and filter.

          But I also think its running rich.


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            Got a 90' Kat 600 that does something very similar, sometimes when i do prolonged engine breaking, pull the clutch and come to a stop/nearstop(<20mph) (like at a stoplight or roundabout).
            The engine just dies :/

            Sometime i'm still going fast enough that i can just release the clutch and 'jump start' the engine that way. But usually i have to poke it a bit with the starter.
            what i find interesting is the gas fumes, you said you can smell, i usually get that too when it does this annoying trick.
            Had a tip-off from one of my dads suzuki mechanic friends, that it could very well be the floater height in the carbs.

            So i'll be checking the carbs soon to see if fiddling with it has any impact.
            -= Har du styr på lortet, eller lort på styret? =-