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Engine Vibration/Noise HELP!

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  • Engine Vibration/Noise HELP!

    Today I was flat out and I ran out of gas while going over 220kph. I was able to flick in onto reserve and get the engine re-started. On my way to the gas station I drove through some rain. Since then I feel as though my engine has started to vibrate much more. It seems the exhaust has gotten slightly louder as well, especially noticeable around 4000rpm. At first I thought it was just my imagination but I'm really starting to notice more vibration. At idle, if I listen to the engine, I can hear a bit of a clicking noise, and I think I've heard it sound a bit like a "sewing machine" (to quote another post) while riding.
    I'm worried I may have upsdet something, I just got the bike and have put less than 300kms on it (bike has 29 000kms). It's a 99 750.
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    Re: Engine Vibration/Noise HELP!

    (A) Check the bike on the centerstand to see if the vibration is still there in neutral as you rev it up -- if so, it eliminates the wheels, tranny, chain and other parts of the bike as possible sources that are unrelated to the engine.

    (B) Do you have the maintenance records from the previous owner? If not, have you had a valve adjustment done? I would suggest having the 15k mile (27000 KM) service done if you can't definitively establish that it has. Have the machanic check the cam-chain slop and run-out while it's being done (should be no extra cost or minimal in conjunction with the other work being done for the big service).

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      Thanks for the advice,
      When I was riding today I ended up being stuck in heavy traffic and I could feel the bike get more and more buzzy as it heated up. We have been having some warm weather lately (much warmer than the first couple of days that I had been riding the bike) so it definetely seems to be temperature related.
      I'm beginning to wonder if it might be oil-related. My first step will be to change the oil+filter and see what happens.
      After that if it's still vibrating I'll take it in and have it serviced.
      Thanks again for the recommendations.
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