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exhaust help !!

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  • exhaust help !!

    Long story shory....After NUMEROUS issues with the stock carbs, I ended up with a set of carbs with a stage 3 kit installed and K&N pods. The carbs are not the same, so I cant put my stock jets into the new (old) carbs sooooooo......I am looking for a realatively inexpensive way to use the carbs with the stage 3. I have been told 750 headers still dont have enough flow, but I cannot swing new headers and slipons now. Any thoughts????


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    I would think putting the jets back to stock would be your cheapest way. Jets are cheap enough. Then you can keep your stage 3 kit to use later on when you upgrade the exhaust. It is kinda pointless to run the stage 3 kit without the exhaust, so keeping all stock until you do it all at once is what I suggest. But this depends if you can do this yourself. If you have to take it to a shop to have done, it might end up costing as much as a slip-on.
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      (A) What type of carbs did you end up with that the parts are non-interchangable? Are you sure they are even right for your bike?

      (B) Mojoe's right -- you should be able to find the stock needles/jets on eBay from someone else upgrading.

      (C) Normally the difference between a stage 1 and a stage 3 kit is merely a difference in main jet size, plus a change in the clip position on the needle, so you may be able to simply get away with downgrading them back to a stage 1 (sell the pods and stick to the stock airbox & stock exhaust). If it's a K&N or DynoJet kit, you can pull the install instructions from and figure out the differences between the stage 1 and stage 3 settings. Normally both the stage 1 & 3 ship in the same kit.

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        like cyber said i dont see why the parts would not be interchangeable unless you have the wrong carbs or your bikes a 97 (guesssing by your name) and you bought some of the old 88 carbs?if the carbs are the same brand and close in comparison for engine size. i would think the jets would have the same threds have u poped the bowls off yet?


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          just sent you an email


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            Most stage 3 kits require you to drill the air hole in your slide assemblies to make them raise at a different rate to accomodate different fuelling from the different needles/jets. Some of them also include different slide springs (in addition to drilling the holes) to augment the effect. If this is the case and you just go back to stock jets (especially with K&N pod filters on there), you're going to have a mess. To do it right, in addition to stock jets and needles, you would have to epoxy the holes and drill them to the proper size, ensure you have stock slide springs, and get the factory airbox.

            If I were you, I'd pursue getting a used full exhaust on eBay, as this would probably be the cheaper/easier option in the end!
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