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Vacuum Hose Diagram

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  • Vacuum Hose Diagram

    New to the forum and had a question about the hose setup on an 89 gsx600f. I got this bike from my friend, but its been sitting a while and it was misfiring at high speeds, so im in the process of cleaning the carbs. The hose setup seemed wrong though, bc there are three outlets from the petcock, the two main and the one vacuum, but only one main was being used while the other was blocked off, there is also a hose coming off the "fuel pump"?. I was hoping someone here would submit a picture of the proper setup, thanks in advance. I got a Clymer's, but they only got pictures of the cali models.

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    Welcome to KatRiders!

    I used to have a little 12 second diagram I made for connections on the older kats. It's a little crude but you should get the idea.
    Lets see if I can find it....ahhhh, there it is
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      Cool little diagram, Bro!

      Only thing I'd add is BOTH vacuum lines route to the right side and down thru a clip that is mounted off the right hand carb # 4, and then down past back of engine and then in front of swing arm and out thru large clip at engein cradle mounting bolts.......near exhaust.

      I have Hanes & Clymer manuals here - one of them I think shows a facotry routing diagram. maybe I can fax it or have it scanned and link it..........I'll try over the next day or so................
      I've owned over 70 Katanas - you think I know anything about them?
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        After looking at that pic its amazing the bike even ran. Thanks for the help, i'll b putting the carbs back on tomorrow so we'll c what happens. I have another question, i won't restrict fuel flow if i put a fuel filter on each fuel line right? I tried comparing my carbs to your pic and one thing doesnt add up, i have three outlets on the carbs, one bw 1 & 2, another bw 2 & 3 (which is larger opening than the other 2), and an outlet bw 3 & 4. I knew it was too good to be this easy. It looks like this:



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          OK there are two outlets bw 2&3, there is a long one that you see in the diagram (#77) and a shorter one toward the bottom of the carburetor. Here r some pics:

          Carb Pics


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            I looked in my Clymer's under the cali emissions fuel setup and sure enough there was the picture right in front of my face. The 88 and 89 katanas have a single fuel spout and a vacuum spout coming off the petcock. There is one inlet on the carbs that feeds into a fuel rail that feeds all the carbs unlike the 90-on katanas in which there is a dual spout system one line going to carbs 1&2 and the other going to 3&4. So i have finally determined where all the hoses go. The outlet bw 1&2 and 3&4 are just air vents and the ones bw 2&3 are the fuel vacuum line and the fuel line. Thanks for all the help!!!


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              So itll end up looking like this:
              (the last post):
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