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Carb jetting question

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  • Carb jetting question

    Do you have to rejet the carbs with an aftermarket exhaust or is it something recomended. Can you still ride the bike for a little while without rejetting and not mess anything up?

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    you dont have to rejet, but its always recommended


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      It depends, are you going a full exhaust with headers and all, or just a slip on?

      Full system, yes, you need to rejet.

      Slip-on, no, you do not.

      With a full system, you will be getting a lot more flow through, meaning you will need to readjust everything.

      Slip-on does not cause much of a difference in flow. Is there a difference in flow? Yes, But not much. I got into a argument with a dealership about 2 months ago about it. They ordered a jet kit for my bike, without telling me, and were going to put it in, and charge me for it. I told them I don't need one, they stated I did since I had the slip on. Needless to say, I told them to stop all work on my bike, and prep it for me to take home.

      The difference is small, so no jet kit needed. You could still do one, and it would make a slight difference, but not much.

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        Not all slip ons are the same. Some are full race type canisters.
        If the bike is now substantially louder than it was with the stock system, chances are very likely it could use richer jetting. fwiw...your engine would prefer not to run on the government mandated lean stock setup and it will reward you with gained horsepower if its properly jetted to account for the better flowing exhaust and intake changes.


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          Time stamp fail.


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            Originally posted by arsenic View Post
            Time stamp fail.
            yeah eight year old thread haaaaa ooops
            (i should have looked at the date before I clicked the "similar threads" link at the bottom of page)


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              HA! But it did help me answer some questions, even though responses are 8 years and a few months apart.


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                nice to see that a lot of the same ppl still frequent the site, and still ride there Kat as well


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                  Go to a katriders rally. Look at the big garage at the Ridge. There are like 3 Kats and 15 other bikes.