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Vibration on decel at 7000rpm.

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  • Vibration on decel at 7000rpm.

    Yeah so like the subject says, I get a pretty significant buzz when I'm decelerating past 7000rpm, it's bad enough that I can feel it in my feet and it's annoying. Is this common, should I be concerned etc?
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    Well, on the kat, the 7k rpm range is when you are really hitting your tourqe band. I would not be to concerned. Let me ask though... How long have you had the kat? I know you stated that you had a Ninja 500 previous. The Kat can get a little buzzy, and it may just take some adjusting and getting used to. If you find that there is to much vibration in the bars, you can fill it with lead shot. Another thing to check if you are having vibration issues, is to see if the previous owner had put on aftermarket barends or pegs.
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      I've only had it since Saturday. The vibration seems a bit severe to me. Doesn't seem to happen while accelerating, only on decel. Most pronounced in the footpegs, not so much in the handlebars.
      It's got all stock bits on it. It was professionally tuned up this spring by the local shop, but maybe I'll get them to have a look at it too.
      I'll get one of you guys to ride it and see if it's more buzzy than others first.
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        You know, I've never had a problem with buzz on the stock foot pegs on any of the 98+ Kats...

        BUT... there is an ident plate, a small ball bearing and a spring in the rear footpeg assembly (to let it "click" into place), and if any of those parts are missing, the rear footpegs will be happy to vibrate it's little heart out.

        For the front footpegs, things are a little different, with no indent switch, but a washer (item #12) and C-clip, plus a constant-tension spring (item #11) on each peg; if the washer is missing, the pivot peg is worn, or (most often) if the spring is missing, then the front footpeg will vibrate pretty freely.

        For 01-05, see this parts diagram: RonAyers: 01 - 05 Kat 600: footrest assemblies
        For 98 - 00, see this parts diagram: RonAyers: 98 - 00 Kat 600: footrest assemblies

        The 750's are similar, and the pre-98's have a similar arrangement.

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