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  • Motion Pro Carb Sync

    Hi, i just received my motion pro economy carb mercury sync tool but i am having trouble setting it up. It comes with one hose (cut into 4 equal lengths) and 4 brass screws and 4 little white things as well as the body of the sync. Can anyone tell me how to assemble this thing, the motion pro instructions are a little unclear... anyway i attached a pic of the sync body and the 4 brass screws and 4 little white things. All help is greatly appreciated.
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    maybe the pic this time?
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      cut the hose into 4 pieces and put the white things into each of the hoses on the end that will atach to the tool then fill it with mercury.
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        It's been a long time since I assembled mine but if my memory is correct there is a condition for installing the restrictors( the little white things). The hole on each end are different diameters. and it doesn't matter which end goes in first but it does matter that they all face the same way. I wish I could find the instructions to verify if that is true or not.



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          Did you already cut the hose? I hope not because on mine a small piece is used on the back at the bottom.
          Check to see if the fill hole on the back has
          a cap. Other wise a small section of the hose 2 inches or so, is used to plug the fill hole.
          One end fits into the fill hole the other fits to a pin on the back, actualy there are two pins, one for plugging the tube,
          (for storage) the other with a groove in it
          (marked vent I think) you move the tube to this pin (vent) when using it.
          After fitting this hose THEN cut the tube into 4 equal lenghths.

          The restrictors go in the hose (one each)
          Push them in about an inch or so.
          Feed the opposite end through the loop on the back
          (up from the "bottom") then loop back to attach to the tube at the top.
          (so the tube now snakes up the back of the tool, through the loop then back down to the top)
          Place the tool face down on a table and fill
          (very carefuly) the "tank" with murcury.

          The brass pieces can get tossed (well don't toss them really!!) They are not needed on the katana.
          The Kat has the ports to attach the hose built right into the top of the carb.

          this is a great explanation: