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'02 footpeg replacement

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  • '02 footpeg replacement

    I was thinking of replacing the stock rider and passenger footpegs with the CompetitionWerkes GP pegs .
    Has anyone done this for both rider and passenger positions?
    Do they continue to function like the stock ones (fold up and lock?).
    Are they exact replacements utilizing the stock pins/clips?
    Since they are not cushioned, any vibration transfer to the feet?

    Thanks all!
    newbie kat rider in Tewksbury, MA

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    I tried a set of non-rubberized pegs once... lasted for all of about 3 miles before I took them back off. I guess it depends a lot on your riding style and how bothered you are by vibration -- as a long rider, anything that increases vibration is a no-no to me...

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      are you going for looks or functionality? if only for looks, i suggest you ripping the rubber of your stock pegs. they look a bit aftermarket and if you paint them with anodized paint, they'll look even better. just my suggestions.
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        Guess I wanted the best of both worlds, looks and functionality. The vibration transfer was my one of my biggest concerns so I am glad that was addressed. I will probably stick wih the stock pegs. Thanks for the feedback!


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          I'll say this...
          On the passenger pegs??
          Look out for the little b-b...
          I took mine off for paint and
          that little guy flew! There is a hole with a spring
          in it that pushes a steel ball for the detent.
          (the holder upper)
          I was able to replace mine with a pan head screw but unless the Compwerks one come with all that jazz you will have floppy pegs if you lose them...
          And no one wants floppy pegs...


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            Its a shame about the increased vibration. I thought about aftermarket pegs because they just look so great, but extra vibration is not worth it to me.