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  • Gas smell

    Just came back from a short cruise and noticed a gas smell when stopped. Put bike back into garage and checked for leaks on floor--none. Can smell gas from carb area, but not sure if normal or not. Bike ran ok nothing strange. Does seem under powered, but it is stock! Any suggestions?

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    Stop parking in the garage when the bike is hot.

    The heat of the bike when truely hot can cause the fuel in the carbs to vaporize. If the bike's not running, this fuel vapor can come out through the airbox. Ditto fuel in the tank vaporizing after sitting in the hot sun (fuel vapors coming out through the tank vapor/overflow tube). If there is no leakage, then this is the issue.

    If the fuel lines haven't been replaced in the last four years, replace them for peace of mind.

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      Underpowered - runny rich?


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        I thought it was a bit normal to small gas a little. I wouldn't be to worried unless you notice gas driping from somewhere.
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          Thanks everyone for your help. Guess I am just a little paranoid. It does run a little rich, waiting for cash flow level to raise to change jetting and exhaust.


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            Check the fuel line(s) out of the petcock. If one of them isn't secured properly, it could be seeping enough for you to semll gas. It doesn't take much gas to stink up a garage. I had this happen to me after one of the times that I recently tore down and put my bike back together.
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