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gas being dumped into airbox???

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  • gas being dumped into airbox???

    I'm new to this but I just bought a 99 Kat with 20,000 miles on it and when I got it home it started sputtering and dying on me(didn't do it when I test drove it, figures). I pulled the seat off to check the air filter and low and behold, my airbox is about half full of fuel. Now I'm no mechanic but I'm thinkin the floats might be sticking in my carbs and the excess fuel is being spat into my airbox. I need help because this is a very annoying problem, especially since it doesn't start sputtering and dying until I'm like 5-10 miles from home. I'm thinking of just going and getting the carbs rebuilt but that is pretty expensive and I was wondering if there was a simpler solution. Any help, please??

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    Gas in the airbox can be from a leaking carb. It can also be from a bike that's taken a spill, past leaking of the carbs, or if it's actually heavily oiled, from a bad set of rings.

    Drain the airbox. Keep the fuel selector off PRIME. Change the oil. Sometimes tapping the carbs with a hard object will free up a stuck float.
    If you still have an issue, rebuild the carbs again.

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      thanks for the help, I took it to a friend who use to work in a bike shop and he said he would suggest changing the rings and rebuilding the carb too. Anything beyond that and he had no idea what could be the problem. So it sounds like that's what I'm going to do, thanks Poet.