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  • castrol gps oil

    is the benefit of using this oil as great as i have heard.real world experiences,of using it would be nice.coming up on an oil change as was looking into this.also on a different topic,i was planning on getting a jet kit from ivans performance and was looking for feedback on there jet kits compared to the dynojet line.mod time is now.

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    The oil is good and my experiences have been nothing but the best with it, but I am sure there are a variety of other very good oils out there. My biggest recommendation is sticking with a motorcycle-specific oil in the right weight categories that is JASO-MA rated as well as API SF/SG or SH rated (NOT SJ or SL!). Included in this list are:

    Castrol ACT/Evo 10w40
    Castrol GPS 10W40 & 20w50
    Mobil 1 MT4X 10w40
    Mobil 1 VTwin 20w50
    Royal Purple CycleMax 10w40 & 20w50
    Valvoline ATV 10w40
    Valvoline Motorcycle 20w50
    Motul 3000 4T 20w50
    Amsoil AMV Motorcycle Engine Oil 20W50
    plus others...

    You may also want to look at this thread:
    Showing Off: how clean is your engine?
    CyberPoet's "How to Understand and choose Motorcycle Motor Oils" at -- now with an oil-temp sensor solution for Katanas and Bandits!

    As for the jetkits, my experiences are that the Ivan's is better than the DynoJet (sometimes also sold under the K&N brand) -- and I've never tried the FactoryPro brand ones. On a related note, I have heard that the Katana kit from DynoJet may have recently been modified or changed (to close off the holes on the slides) and thus may be better than the kit I used.

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      My GPS is oil-free!
      '97 YZF1000R, '98 & '02 Bandit 1200's, '72 XS-2, '97 CBR900RR Project, '85 700 Interceptor, '75 RD350