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Holeshot Slipon sound good???

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  • Holeshot Slipon sound good???

    Hey all! I like how holeshot has dynos and such plus sounds like a great place to get addons.

    I was wondering how Holeshots slipon sounds for a 2005 Kat? Is it a good sound? I dont want to LOUD just more noise then stock its to quite. Plus I could upgrade later to holeshot headers when I get more money.

    Would I need a re-jet if I do just a slip-on??

    Thanks all!
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    I've heard the 20 inch on a 600 Bandit.(Same engine) and it was nice. Not loud but better then stock. And yes Dale's header is amazing. A stepped header design which i ceramic coated and dyno proven.
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      You can hear some on this link
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        Viper, you do not need to rejet if your not changing the headers. Just swapping a mid-pipe and can gets you less weight and not a real performance bump.
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