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gotta love hondas....

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  • gotta love hondas....

    so my buddy has a 2002 cbr f4i. which is a 600 for those of you who don't know. in the time he has had it (since about 4k on the odometer this time last year), until now (about 12k on it).... he has changed his oil once, bought a new back tire, and cleaned it. that is it. he has never lubed his chain. i had to do it a couple weeks ago. i asked him "mark, when was the last time you lubed your chain?"...his reply was "the last time i did what?" so he called the honda dealer the other day to ask about oil changes. and on his bike, they recomend 8 thousand miles. rediculous if you ask me. but...i'm not complaining. anybody else here of this?
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    Overseas they think we're NUTS changing our oil every 3K , they usually say to do it every 6 or 9K . Sometimes you get lucky and stuff stays together forever (my car's doing alright with that one) , but if things are neglected for TOO long , everything may break all at once ...
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      Depends on what the owner's manual calls for, and whether he confused changing the oil filter with changing the oil (a real possibility for someone who doesn't know to oil the chain). If you went by the book and looked up the oil filter change interval for the Kat's oil filter (10,500 miles), then guessed the oil got changed when the filter does, you'd be way off.

      My guess is that his oil change interval is 4k miles, and the oil filter interval is twice that according to the factory. Tell him to read the owner's manual -- and get one if he doesn't have one.

      It might also be the dealer's way of ensuring he'll want a new bike in a couple years :P

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        yea, all he knows about his bike is how to ride it. so thats a distinct possibility- that he doesn't know the difference.
        if its got 2 wheels or a skirt....i'll ride it.