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broken peg bolt

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  • broken peg bolt

    I broke the bottom bolt for the peg off on my '95 750. I bought a set of ectractors and broke the tip of that off too. Now the extractor metal is harder than my drill bit. What kind of bit can I use to drill it out now?

    Any other suggestions?
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    Did that exact same thing at work awhile back. Go to a tool specialty store (the kind big industries use) or locate a Mack or Snap-on rep and ask for a couple of super hard drill bits of what ever size you need. To properly use an EZ-Out or extractor the drill bits should be left hand. Use some Rapid Tap Oil while drilling and the bit will cut better and last longer.


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      yea, you need a heavy duty drill bit, the only thin i can think of is a carbitde tip bit... i did that yesterday but it was a header bolt


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        I went to lowe's and they said that they don't know where to get a carbide bit. I am thinking of talking to a machine shop. I wonder what they will charge to drill it out.?
        1995 Katana 750 for sale in Bikes for sale section.


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          When all else fails, I have seen a guy take the stuck screw (in your case, taking the whole bike) to a welder, and have him weld a nice big nut on the problem screw (provided it can be accessed),

          After that, just used a big wrench...

          If i remember right, those screws do stick out a little...

          Hope this helps...



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            You can get carbide-tipped or complete carbide drill bits at:
            Home Depot (at least the ones in my area)
            Snap-On dealers
            Maaco Tools
            DeWalt outlets and repair centers
            Black-N-Decker outlets and repair centers
            Most Ace Hardware stores.
            Most specialty trade hardware stores.

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