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fuel filter part number?

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  • fuel filter part number?

    Hi, i have just been searching the ronayers microfiche for the last half hour and cannot find the part number for the fuel filter. does anyone have it or suggest the best site to go and get one? thank you.
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    What bike do you have?

    If it's a Katana, it's my understanding that the only fuel filter that comes with it is the OEM filter INSIDE the fuel petcock. I would suggest just going to your local motorcycle shop and picking up an aftermarket filter for a couple of bucks.


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      Yea. Go with an inline for a few bucks.


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        The 03s (so I would assume 98-05) have an inline filter between the tank and the carbs.


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          okay, i think i get it, but i am a little unclear on the concept, so i just get a universal filter and install it inline on the fuel line? which particular fuel line? sorry if this sounds obvious to anyone, i just want to be careful when it comes to the fuel system. thanks.
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            98+ Kats:
            Ron Ayers, Carb Fittings Fiche file, item #29,
            Suzuki PN: 15410-19E00
            Description: Strainer, Comp F
            Price: $9.59

            Same part can be used in the 88 - 97 Kats, although it was not a stock part for those years. Will require two of them for the dual fuel-lines going to the carbs.

            KNOW THIS:
            The stock fuel filter is a wide-mesh screen and a disk magnet with holes cut into the edges (so that all the fuel has to flow within a certain distance of the magnet to get by). This filter is not particularly good at stopping sand or non-magnetic particles, and if those particles are hard (such as sand), the debris can cause scratches inside your cylinders.
            Using a paper-element + magnetic filter instead is much more efficient at stopping crud from getting into the engine, especially crud that might have come along from a questionable gas station...
            Fuel filters must face down-hill or you can get serious fuel starvation problems. One of the few advantages of the stock filter is that it readily fits (at least on the 98+) in place without this issue; other brands may want to lie flat, resulting in fuel-delivery problems at times.

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              thank you! Info is greatly appreciated and very helpful in getting my rusty tank issues sorted out!
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                I want to replace my fuel filter but (this might sound stupid) I don't know where the fuel filter is or how to install it. Can someone give me some instructions please and pretend I know nothing about the fuel filter, like it doesn't exist.
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                  Well , they don't COME on our bikes stock , they are added later . The only filter we got stock is inside the tank as part of the petcock , but it's not a "fine" filter . Just go get whatever filters they have at the dealer . They're cheap ,and pretty much universal . Get 2 , one fore each fuel line .
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