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97 kat 600 with new slips ons idle's rought..

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  • 97 kat 600 with new slips ons idle's rought..

    I have a 1997 kat 600 which I can't seem to get to idle correctly..
    late last year I added new Cobra slip ons and it's never been right since.. I've played with the idle, and I even sucked it up and took it to the dealer to see what they could do.. They adjusted it and it made it worse, it was real rich and it was always around 3k rpm.. so I cranked it back down and I've been playing with it ever since.. I can't seem to get it right though, it's always to rich or to lean.. I've heard that either a new air filter could help (dealer said plugs air filter etc all looked ok though) so I thought about a K&N filter or a stage one jet kit..

    will either of these fix my problem? all I want to do is have my bike fire up and idle correctly around 1000-1500 RPM but I can't seem to get it to do that, it's always ro rich or to lean and stalling out.. so I constantly find myself riding with the choke on.. somebody help me out here! this is driving me nuts, to the point that I want to sell my bike and start fresh with a new one...

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    Carbs need cleaned and re-synchronized..............or at least synchronized!

    Adding those cans probably bumped it off a bit.............and the dealer didn't sound like they helped at all!
    I've owned over 70 Katanas - you think I know anything about them?
    Is there such a thing as TOO MANY BIKES?
    Can you go TOO FAST on a bike?
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