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Removing fuel tank

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  • Removing fuel tank

    I am trying to change my spark plugs andair filter on my bike (97 kat 600), and I have a Haynes manual. As I understand it, I just need to take the fuel tank off and do not need to remove the fairings. I tried taking the tank off last night and got really confused on what to do after unscrewing all the mounting bolts. It said to remove fuel and vacuum lines, by"pulling with a screwdriver." I have no idea what that means. Could anybody explain to me how to get the lines out from under the tank? I saw there were 3 lines under the tank. If you're looking at the tank from the back of the bike, the one in the middle had like one tube that looked like it could just be pulled off. Then there were a few on the left that were screwed on or something and some thing similar to that on the right. I have no idea how to get these lines off so I can remove the tank. Thanks

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    Pull on the hoses, they'll come off.
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      They probably have clamps on them. Just use a pair of pliers to move the clamps down the hose some.


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        i have a 97 and know the best way to do it. to not take the farings off i would still take off the top 3 bolts on the faring on the left side. that way you can push it around to get it over the petcock. take the two back tank screws and push the tank back. the first hoses you need to take off are the petcock ones as they are short. then thiers two others on the right side. also the fuel sening wires. once off if your doing plugs i would take off the top 3 screws on the right side also makes it easy to get a ratchet in. any other questions send me a pm