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Another Tire question...and observation....

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  • Another Tire question...and observation....

    Back in November I had to change out my back a chunk of plastick embedded in the tire...don't know how...anyways ended up buying a cheap Kenda forward to 2 months ago...inspecting my tires and noticed it looked like the tire was damaged...kinda looked like somthing hit it across the tread...didn't think much of it because it is a fairly new forward 2 weeks ago...The damage looks more like the tire is splitting...contacted the manufacturer and informed them of this...also contacted my local shop and ordered a Metz tire to match the front...I got a wider tire 150 vs 140...Lasertec ME??...anyways it matches the front now....Kenda sent out a replacement tire ASAP...kinda cool since they aren't a "Brandname" tire...customer service was fantastic...back onto my question...I noticed that my bike rides very differently than before...feels like it has more power? I know it sounds weird but it feels like the tire sticks to the road better once warmed up...maybe it's in my head but it is really weird also, I know you aren't supposed to ride fast on a new tire, kinda squidly, but at higher speeds it feels like the back end wobbles a bit...I mean its a brand new tire shouldn't be one of the other current threads...or is it just part of the break in period....Any advise, comments, critisisms (as always) is very much appreciated..

    Here is a link to the Metz site and what tire I got:
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    does it have a center groove? If so that could be getting pushed back and forth in road grooves. It could also be that you're used to a flatter contact patch, so the instability of a new round tire makes it feel like it's wiggling about.

    Also, check your pressure. Might also try stiffening up your suspension settings.


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      Could be a bunch of things... Wobble from the rear? First, check your wheel alignment. Do not go by the marks on the swingarm. That indicator plate shifts a TON on the Katana. Also, check your tire pressure, and balance if you can.

      Some tires will stick better with heat. Actually, most will. The rubber gets softer.

      Another thing... Run the manufacturer's recommended pressure as a starting point. Adjust for best feel from there. The Suzuki recommended pressure is not necessarily best for the tires you're running.

      You can run as fast as you want on a new tire. First 3 miles on the Pilot Powers I put on my Gixxer saw 130. (track) You just want to make sure they're scrubbed in before taking corners too aggressively.