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Weird Problem.

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  • Weird Problem.

    I have a somewhat of a weird problem. The bike runs just fine for some time and than all of a sudden if I brake or turn it just starts to stall and shuts of. The RPMs drop and the bike becomes hard to start. Then after few minutes it starts just fine.

    Everything seems to be connected properly.

    Bike Info: '97 Kat 600 (13500 miles)

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    first you need to determine if it's fuel or electrical.
    you stated it starts to stall then cuts out - does it feel like it's
    runing out of gas ? i'd get a small can of starting fluid. when the bike
    dies again - remove the seat a give a 1-3 second spray of starting fluid into the air filter. if it starts up for a second you have a fuel problem.
    something like a bad petcock - try riding or starting it on 'prime'



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      +1 on Trinc's post.

      Most likely candidates:
      Wiring harness issue at the main harness for the ignition switch or defective wiring in the circuit to the brake lights (because most riders brake under both circumstances);
      Bad petcock diaphram or bad petcock vacuum line;
      Fuel filter not pointing downhill;
      rust or water in the gas tank (sloshing to the pick-up during turns & braking).

      Good Luck!
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        holy shite be careful with that starting fluid... after witnessing the catastrophic failure of a conrod (complete with flying case fragments) due to unnecessary overuse of staring ether (since i was an idiot and this person "has done this for 30 years"), i have a hard time advocating its use... a dab will do you, absolutely...

        gather 'round, children


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          Lets see.............

          1. Cuts off when turning..............sounds like pinched fuel line, can't be, they are not in the turning 'zone' of the front.
          2. Fuel filter blocked...........unlikely, but possible.
          3. Really low on fule?
          4. Bad petcock

          (I like this one better)
          1. Short
          2. Bad Ground
          3. I'd check the kill switch and its associated wiring from thr switch to the plug........and move it while you do a continuity test on the power wires and the kill wire.
          4. Check you other wires and plugs from the front to their plugs below the tank.......
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            Here's a couple products you might want to look into for chemical help with electrical issues:



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