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The RF 900

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  • The RF 900

    I have been trying to find out more about this bike for awhile now. From what I can tell it had the early water cooled GSXR engine in it. Am I right? I'm interested becasue I have a chance to pick one of these up for a song and a dance but it needs LOTS of work. So someone out there with one let me know what you love and hate about it. I'm also guessing that it wasn't a big seller for suzuki becasue it was only around from 1994-1997.

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    The RF900 never really made it because it (like it's smaller sibling the RF600) was sandwiched in between bikes like the Katana and the GSXR. Both the 900 and the 600 were steel framed making them slightly heavier than the gsxr.

    They were however good handlers, comfortable, had interesting styling, and decent power. I've riden an RF600 and liked it, I'm sure the 900 would be even better as it's running a slightly detuned GSXR watercooled motor. If I had the chance, I'd pick up an RF900 anyday.

    One thing of note is while the motor is a close cousin of the gsxr, don't think parts will be super interchangeable. The RF motors sat much more tilted forward in the frames and as a result the exhasut angles are mich different and the carbs are a downdraft style. The only thing I've never liked about thewm is the wide ass end (and I mean frotn porch wide) Other than that I think they're awesoME.

    i'D SAY GO FOR IT!

    Eddi's RF page has about the most info on RF's I've ever found


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      Ah Waltari I should have know the frame cutting master would have answers for me. Thanks dude.


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        One more buddy that ride an RF600 alwasy complains about any maintenance requiring removal of the front fairings. There are a bunnch of little plastic pieces that surround the gauges and he says they're a pain to get on and off. Also, if you ever lowside and wreck the little fairing inserts/vents they're difficult to come by and a pain to repair.

        On a positive sweet looking is this


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          I looked at one very seriously before I bought my current Kat (the bike before it was also a Kat)... Think Kat 900 with unique spaceship/stingray styling (the designer said he was motivated by a stingray he saw in an aquarium when he took his kid there). I like 'em, but I've been told some parts are becoming difficult to locate for them as stocks run out at the warehouses and Suzuki isn't building replacement parts.

          My advise: figure out what it needs first, and visit your local dealer to see if the parts are available before taking it off his hands. Also, price them on CycleTrader and via the NADA price look-ups; they can be had dirt cheap in good order, so one needing work would have to be very cheap.

          Good Luck!
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            buddy of mine had the rf900 vary fast sold it before he hurt himself when he got made well riding the throttle always seemed to get held all the way open found himself a few time going 140 km in a 50 km zone

            he loved the motor always said there was lots of power
            it would not be any fun if it was easy! but does it have to be this much fun!!
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              Waltari, that bike is sweeet!


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                The RF900s are great bikes! They were designed to go head to head with the VFRs of the day... Good, solid sport tourers...


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                  Originally posted by stevnmd
                  The RF900s are great bikes! They were designed to go head to head with the VFRs of the day... Good, solid sport tourers...
                  Except for that gasket on the alternator , apparently ...
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                      Met a guy out here with an 600. Loves the bike but hates that it's freakin' hard to get plastic and other parts. I remember seeing a company on the net that made aftermarket race fairings for it, though.

                      I wonder if either a Bandit1200 or even a Kat 750 could be squeezed in there. I really like the looks of it but the rear is HUGE.


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                        my uncle have one an I liked, its fast and I like the big rear end. his bike have a 200 rear tire that look great. [/img]