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How hard is it to install a clutch

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  • How hard is it to install a clutch

    I have ordered a new clutch as a preventive measure Can I do it at home?
    I am mechanically capable.


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    Not too sure about on a Kat, but on my dirtbikes it is fairly straightforward. Main thing is to soak all new plates in oil before installing them. Get a manual, it should be easy enough.


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      +1 grab the book and the clutch install is very easy if you are even a little mechanical


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        thanks I went with a ebc clutch instead of a barnett the local dealer wanted $160.00 for the kit I said no. EBC $69.00


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          Can't see any problems as long as the existing plates are in good shape -- the barrett kit probably included new plates, the EBC probably didn't, and that probably justifies the big price spread. Soak the plates overnight the night before and they'll be ready when you start. You can pop round my place and grab the factory manual or photocopies of the appropriate pages and have at it.

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            The barret package comes with friction plates. Plus i got springs and they cost 12 bucks. Total it cost 100. It is very easy. It took me two hours, since I wanted to be careful. I did it so I could run synthetic and thats why I went Barrett. Or is it Barnett, I dont remeber it was 1 year ago. It is easy but, I would get a torque wrench to re-tighten the allen bolts. You need to orientate the friction plates the same way as they come out. The friction plates have a smooth side and a sharp side. You must put them in the same way you take out. Just nottice which side the sharp side is when you take them out. Also remember which alan bolt goes where since there are 3 sizes.
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              Do a seach, I explained it to someone else not to long ago.....
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                Watch out for the springs...
                I hear they add to the force needed at the lever!