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97 Kat 600 revs while turning right

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  • 97 Kat 600 revs while turning right

    Is this normal and is there anything that can be done about it?

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    No offense, but are you hanking down on the throttle when turning right?


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      O yea that must be it.


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        check yo make your cables have enough slack in them.
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          That's what I was thinking it was. The cable seems tight but there's no place to move it to to loosen it up. Is there an adjustment anywhere?


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            (A) Check to see if it does it on the centerstand. If so, it's a cable slack issue.

            If it is a cable slack issue, you can find the answers here:

            Where my reply says:
            On the 98+ Kats there are four throttle cable adjustors. Two major ones (one for each throttle cable) at the carb-end of the cable-sheaths, plus two minor adjusters at the throttle-end of the cable shealths that are plastic dials. Turning the dials counterclockwise should rotate them inwards towards the controls, releasing pressure on the sheath and loosening the cables. If they are already rotated all the way inwards and you still get the increase in RPM when you turn the handlebars, the gas tank will need to come off and the adjustment will need to be made at the other end of the cables.
            Adjusted perfectly, turning the handlebars will not cause the RPM's to alter, and there will be not more than a single mm of slop at the throttle (i.e. - rotation before the RPM's start to climb in response). I have found that if adjusted properly, with the engine off, when I rotate the throttle and release, I will hear a distinct click as the carb throttle control bar returns to it's stop position... when I can't hear the click, they're too tight.

            Based on my experiences, usually it's just one of the two cables that most people have adjusted too tightly.

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