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rear brake noise

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  • rear brake noise

    my rear brake has recently started making a squeeling noise when I use it.......I checked the brake pad out and it looks OK to me but I'm a newbie and could definately be wrong.....I don't really use the back brake all that much except for slow speed maneuvers but its pretty annoying.......any thoughts?......thanks

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    grease it! sounds like the rotor has some rust...pads also have some moisture probably....touch the brakes at a higher speed...few times...should clear it up.
    (get some heat into them)
    I use my rear all the issues

    if your not sure...we could take a look at it (we meaning the Ottawa crew)

    Don't be shy...we are a friendly bunch...we also ride (if the weather ever gets warm)


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      Go read this thread (good pictures as well):

      Brakes squeel for normally one of two reasons:
      (A) vibration between the pad backing plate and the carrier pins, OR
      (B) vibration between the pad backing plate and the caliper pistons.

      If one of the caliper pistons is coming out unevenly or not extending with it's matched pair, the result will usually be a groaning or mid-pitched squeel (by the time it is audible). Pin issues usually cause very high-pitched squeels.

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        Thanks for the info guys.......I'll try your suggestion first Range now that we finally have a couple of good riding days ahead and see if that clears it up......if not I'll probably take you up on your offer and get you to have a look at it......


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          remove the pads and put some stop sqeak on 'em. ( it's like a silicone product that dampens the vibration )