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my motor swap pics... (56K may take a min)

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  • my motor swap pics... (56K may take a min)

    i had originally planned on swapping a gsxr 750 motor into my kat, but the deal fell through. so i found a 92 kat 750 motor with low mileage and decided to go with it. when i first bought the bike, i knew nothing about them. i'm not very mechanically inclined so i'm amazed i was able to even do this myself. i ended up doing most everything by myself except for physically positioning the "new to me" motor into place on the way back in. not very safe, i know, but the urge to get it done got to me. anywho, here's some misc pics. sorry they're huge, i don't know how to resize.

    waiting on motor to be delivered

    wiring harness labeled

    drained oil and front sprocket/chain removal

    i unbolted the oil cooler and exhaust, and this was the last pic of the motor as it sat in the bike

    where'd it go?? (notice the bricks holding the bike at the rear, and wire tie holding the front brake. it made for quite a balancing act when lowering the motor solo)

    here it is

    getting the motor back in wasn't hard with the help of my brother. he rides the bike too so he wanted to at least help out.

    everything else bolted back up pretty smooth, but i couldn't get it to turn over at first. the starter relay just clicked constantly. so i took the tank and carbs back off, cleaned the grounds on the starter itself and at the battery, and she turned over. i couldn't get it to do more than that though. i checked the plugs, they sparked. tried to check the gas, and the petcock knob came off in my hand. great luck. i fiddled to get it back on, and now gas was there too. but still, we sprayed the intakes with a shot of starter fluid. BAM!! it cranks to 9K RPM, the friggin' throttle cable was bound up. had to take everything back off, again, and fix the bind. what seemed like hours later of playing with the cable, it finally came loose and we got her to fire up. looked down, a quart of oil sprayed on the floor. i didn't have a copper washer on both sides of the oil-cooler hoses. that was a tricky fix without removing the exhaust. the only other adjustments made so far were the clutch at the cover, and the idle RPM. this motor runs strong, but it baby-backfires between shifts. i still have some minor adjustments to be made i'm sure, since i'm still running with the gsxr carbs and K&N pods. i'm also trying to be careful on the transmission so i don't have to go through this again. it was a pretty good learning experience, and a great way to save $300+ bucks. the motor was delivered friday afternoon, and i had the old one out and new one in by sunday evening it was time consuming, but not very difficult at all...

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    That is sweet! To bad that Gixxer motor fell through though, you would have loved that thing. Good luck with your future work with the tunning. Sounds like your gona have a good time!
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      sweet, that is Thaz kat and my self on the 14th of this month....


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        looks good hope things work out


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          That is quite the project going... Good luck and keep us informed...


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            Good job, send more pics when you get all back together.
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