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Slip-On Muffler repacking/Rivets

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  • Slip-On Muffler repacking/Rivets

    Ok I have a problem. the rivet gun(manual handle type) I have can only handle aluminum rivets, my muffler repacking kit that I got directly from WileyCo. has steel rivets, at least i'm pretty sure they are steel since I tried to use my rivet gun and it barely did anything and almost got stuck inside. Anyway I was wondering if anyone would know if i would have a problem if I used aluminum rivets on my stainless steel muffler. basicallyi'm worried about the diferent expansion rates for the metals as i don't want to have to redo the rivets if they somehow loosend up because of heat-cycling. Thanks guys!

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    go to a place that rents tool like home depot and rent a good rivit tool, its cheap and I would mix metals. If thast what came in the kit, use them.


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      you know what I didn't even think of trying to rent a rivet gun. I'll have to look into that. Thanks


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        You can use that rivet gun to pull steel rivets. I use mine to pull cherrymax rivets for aircraft, and those are some hard steel stems. Just have to squeeze really hard.

        A better suggestion would be to tap the holes and use bolts like I do. That way if you have to redo the packing, just unscrew the bolts.
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          Hows aboot welding it together!

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            this may sound stupid but would welding it be anydifferent than rivets?


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              Yes . You can always drill out the rivets , but welding would be a little tougher to take it apart ...
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