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  • I GIVE UP !!!

    Anyone close (within 2-3 hours) intersted in taking my 93 600 Kat that I have never been on and fix it up mechanically in order to make some $$$ ??? I need a set of carbs (tried buying replacement parts and each time i replace something, something else was broken), and a valve adjustment most likely. I just gave it an oil change, new set of plugs, and TRIED re-doing the carbs myself. The fuel lines will need replaced and put back on where they actually belong. The schematics I have seen show two sides of the petcock, mine has 3 and I have NO IDEA where in the hell they go !! I just want to be able to get this bike running and have fun this summer. This winter I would like to do the body work myself, but I am no mechanic. I have over 30 hours in this bike already and a hell of alot more $$$ than it would have taken to take her to the Suzuki dealership. Is anyone close by looking for some extra $$$. HELP !!!


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    what were you trying to fix on the carbs? i could try to help but i don't have a whole lot of extra time right now-kids in softball and baseball 4 nights a week! if it's just the carbs you could pull them off and get them to me and i can check them out. PM me if you want to set something up. BTW i'm a little south of Dayton.


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      Jeez man , got a truck ? You could bring it here , or maybe Jason's house ( i'll volunteer him , I'm sure he wouldn't mind much !) , and we could have it running in pretty short order I'm sure ! I don't have a garage , so I'd try to have it running over the course of the weekend or something (no storage space , really) . I'm not all that intersted in making a bunch of money off it or anything , but I would expect an extra hand . Think of it as a learning experience ! Never messed with the shim-type valves before though , but checking them should be easy enough . You have my number , right ? I'll be home later this morning . I think I have yours , too ...
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