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DIY Fender Eliminator

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  • DIY Fender Eliminator

    Has anyone done a DIY fender eliminator? I've been looking at the parts on my kat and really think I can do it with maybe $3 worth of parts. If someone's done it already no sense in trying to re-invent the wheel, right? I'll write up a how-to for it when I'm done, if anyone's interested.

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    I know a few people here have. Corey built one for Bonestrosity, and he is going to build one for me. But we also have a full shop. I think you can just get the parts from any local hardware store. Just get some aluminum or any other easily bendable L Brackets, and screw one into the plastic, and the other for the plate. WALAA!
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      That's basically what I was thinking.

      The bracket that the plate mounts to on the 98+ Kat's is detachable from the fender, so I was thinking I could probably just use some L brackets to attach that directly under the tail using the fender mounting location. then use another pair of L brackets to break off from the bolts holding the plate to the frame for the turn signal mounts. Does that sound right?


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        ^sounds about right to me. i did the same for my bike..spent about $2.00 something
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          i made mine out of aluminum - but just bought some new lights so i'm going to make another one.

          i'll shoot some pics of it.