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whats wrong with it now?

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  • whats wrong with it now?

    so i picked the bike up from the shop after it got its carbs synced on sat. befor i brought it in i had it runing great drove it around picked it up yesterday took it around the block ran awsome. parked it went to work go out put my farings back on today and start it and its making a bunch of poping noises then starts and idles real rough. i put a spark plug in a plug wire form each cable and turned it over so both coils are puting out spark. any ideas?

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    update: wont even start now. i pulled the plugs and they where a little damp should still spark but i put them in the oven for 20 min anyway. put them back in and it wont even fire now.


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      Try some new plugs ...
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        they where brand new like a week ago


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          could be fouled try some starter fluid in the airbox


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            Originally posted by icekillah
            could be fouled try some starter fluid in the airbox
            try new plugs first!
            be very easy with the started fluid... a little goes a very long way... if you had ever seen a catastophic conrod failure (due to starting fluid) you would understand... but, you could just take my word for it?

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              alright took them out again and they where soaked. so i put one of them 2 inch wire wheel brushes on the drill press and cleaned all the carbon off them and ill let them them sit out over night to dry up deep on the inside. also let the cylinders dry out over night. the plugs are only a week old and not cheap. i shouldnt have to buy new ones.


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                Originally posted by lucky6man
                ...the plugs are only a week old and not cheap. i shouldnt have to buy new ones.
                (A) Do not use a wire-wheel on your plugs again. It strips the coating off the ceramic, ruining the plug. Spray them down with carb cleaner and hit them with a toothbrush (nylon bristles) if you want to try to salvage them.

                (B) Plugs foul. It doesn't matter how expensive or cheap they are, plugs foul, especially when you have a fueling problem (which is what it sounds like -- a bad float or dirty/clogged jets). Replace them and address the issue that caused them to foul. When you said they were wet -- were they wet with gas or oil?

                (C) If the answer to (B) was fuel, check your gas tank and carb bowls for the presence of an orange paste. Fouling overnight can often be associated with rust build-up in the gas tank (the rust settles when the bike is parked, clogging passages at that point; when the bike is running, the constant in-flow of new fuel tends to keeps it stirred up, especially if they were just cleaned). If there is no orange paste or signs of rust in the tank, drain a cup of fuel out of the tank (via the petcock) into a glass container and check it visually -- any signs of water, contamination?

                (D) If you paid the shop to address your carb problems, call them or place a stop on the payment. It taint fixed.

                And finally, the fuel-air mix will not detonate if it has more than about 18 to 20% fuel vapors by volume (too rich) or less than about 11% (too lean). Both conditions can soak plugs.

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                  wet with gas i turned the idle screws in half way again. ill see if it runs tommrow


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                    Sounds like you are getting a bit to much gas in there. Take it back if they were the ones to work on it last.
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