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Can anybody identify this exhaust?

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  • Can anybody identify this exhaust?

    I've only had my '02 750 Kat for a few weeks now..... and bear in mind, I'm NO mechanic !
    So I've got to wondering what the story is with the exhaust that was on my bike when I got it..... can anyone identify from the pic if this is a slip-on or an aftermarket exhaust?
    All I know is it's not factory, and the stealer referred to it as a carbon fibre pipe.
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    Im not sure but I do know that you need to cut that shovel.
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      Oh yeah! You better believe that's on the cards..... Baby needs a bit of surgery! :
      I'll have to do a little reading up on it first I think, see what my options are & what others have done - all in good time.
      Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.
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        Looks like a Jardine carbon fiber exhaust with the logo taken off. As far as being a slip-on, I don't know.
        And get rid of that shovel NOW!


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          i am tore between shovel or no shovel.. mine is still on.. I think i will get rid of mine AFTER i get a rear hugger.
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            there is no way to tell if it is a slip on from that pic... you need to determine if the headers are factory or aftermarket....

            It is made of carbon fibre, it is hard to tell what brand it is without hearing it... jardine seems like a good guess though.

            I would guess it is just the slip on though... a full exhaust usually requires a jet kit and is more expensive.

            Take a pic of the headers and mid pipe and post that....
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              Have you checked all the metal parts for a possible imprint? Most exhaust firms put their name somewhere on the metal as well. It might be hiding facing the rear wheel on the metal overlap to the carbon.

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                i think it looks like a micron exhaust


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                  I have no clue what that pipe is but that shovel definatly has to go. My 2 cents for that is get the integrated taillight from clear alternatives and ditch the signals.
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                    It sure looks cool!!