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question: how to wire extra lights and stuff?

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  • question: how to wire extra lights and stuff?

    Hey all,

    Just thinking about wiring in some LEDs for some night in front, red in the rear.

    I'm planning to install all sorts of little individual LEDs in various locations, but I'm wonder about the wiring. Since LEDs have low power draw could I simply wire some LEDs from the tail light and headlight constant circuits.

    What about inline fuses and switches....just looking for a basic how-to (or how NOT to) on wiring these things into the system. I was also thinking about adding some LEDs to the existing flashers to increase visibility when going through traffic etc. Any problems with mooching power from the existing flasher circuit to power individual LEDs?

    Also, I'm curious to know about adding an extra light for the front (an extra headlight) that would be ON only when the high beam is on or constantly off (inline switch). Would this cause problems for the existing circuit?

    any recommendations for a SUPER 'white' headlamp bulb that's durable (those eurolite two-packs burn out lowbeams like mad)....I'd like to turn night into day if I could...

    Thanks all.

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    I'm with you on this one buddy..... I'll do near anything to light myself up, I do a lot of night riding.
    Afraid I can't offer much by way of advice, just got my Kat recently and I'm still looking into it, but I'd like to hear what anyone else has to say.

    Has anyone tried adding extra driving lights? I'm struggling with a mounting solution....
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      You might have to change your flasher relay (or blinker? not sure about the correct english term here) to a load-independent one as your flash rate depends on the load on the circuit...
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        well depending on the load drop (current measurement) on the pights depends if you can wire them into your wire harness or have to do a direct fuse to switch from the battery wireing. im shure that the load drop between the lights is not that much

        i tried to install a car radar detector in my bike using the wire harness and every time i put on a directional the load drop between the light blonking was 2 milliamps.
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          You need more than just the lights themselves. Check this out...

          They have everything LED, and they have excellent prices!!!!

          And, they sell little ones with like 3 or 4 lights in them, which would be ideal for motorcycle lighting.

          As for wiring, just get a switich, and a inline fuse, and go at it.
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            You might want to read this:


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              Well , when I bought MY bike , it had some neons on it . The rear ones were wired right to the battery with a fuse , and the front ones were in place of the front signals (had no front signals) ...
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