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New Here - Headlight/Turn signal problems.

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  • New Here - Headlight/Turn signal problems.

    Hello, New member here.
    I have a 93 Katana 600.
    YEsterday was gonna go to the gym, jump on the bike, started it up and noticed the turn signals were not lightning up and the headlight wasn't working either.
    The gaugues light work as well as the light for turns on the board.

    Anyone has any idea how to troubleshoot, fix this?



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    dont know a whole lot but check the fuses ?


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      Well, the turns should not light up unless you press the turn signal lever to use them.......they aren't suppossed to work in running mode..........

      But.............assuming you knew that....................

      Fuses first
      Then relay
      Then wiring loose somewhere, like up front at connections?

      If they all went bad at the same time, I'd kinda go fuses..........or major short! How's your battery?
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        the turn only light up when I hit the switch, they stay ON though, they don't flicker on the instrument panel.

        Ill have to check the fuses I guess.


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          Check fuses and bulbs... and measure your battery, sometimes when my battery is a bit low they won't blink when the engine is off (the voltage get's too low to make the flasher relay work correctly).
          - Samuel

          My 1988 Katana 600


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            i recently had this problem to and it ended up being my relay witch i replaced with a new one made for a car and they work better then ever now. and it was only 4.99 for the relay
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