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what could be the problem?

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  • what could be the problem?

    i recently painted my swingarm and calipers. i also charged the battery and filled up the acid back to the correct level. after putting everything back together, went to start the bike and i noticed the brake lights are on(like i was stepping/pressing on it). i disconnected the battery and connected it back again but the problem is still there. what could be the problem? any tips you can give me? could it be that i have a grounded wire? i got the correct double fillament bulb in there so i know thats not whats causing this. help me pls. thanks!
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    Check wiring, the rear brake switch first and go from there.
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      Check the following:

      (A) The rear brake foot pedal brake light switch. These often get covered with dirt/grime and don't retract all the way, especially if riding in the winter. Clean with WD-40 and a toothbrush, then adjust if necessary.

      (B) The front brake lever -- if it bent at some point, it could be tripping the light.

      (C) If it's just the running light, check the key position -- you may have it in park rather than "off". Hint: if the third-eye in the front (98+) is also lit up, this is the case.

      I'm betting it's item A.

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        + 1 on item A, it's something in your brake light swtich. It may just be adjusted out to far.


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          Since you said you were working on the rear, bet its something there with the rear brake light switch.

          Kinda tough to get to, but to adjust it just simplyturn it IN like a bolt to take off some tension, thereby getting to the point where the light goes back to normal without the brake lever(s) depressed.
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